Begamganj is a very old locality in Jiaganj. Baluchar is the original ancestral name of Jiaganj. The subdivision has its headquarters at Murshidabad Police stations in Lalbag subdivision Commission, No. The teerth kshetra is situated in Jiaganj is about 200 Km away from Kolkata. They were also Hindu Paschatya Vaidic Brahmins. The Sarbajanani Durga Puja in Baroaritala and Saraswatitala is famous and old one. Prominent author S.K.Roy has written a lot about Bhattapara and Jiaganj in his books. Notable Schools: St.Joseph's School,Jiaganj Raja Bijoy Singh Vidyamandir (old name Edward Coronation Institution), Azimganj Rai Budh Singh Bahadur High School, Azimganj Keshore Kumari Balika Vidyalaya, Birendra Singh Singhi High School, Surendra Narayan Girls High School, Amaipara High School, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dav School. Related Pages. The station is situated at Jiaganj in Murshidabad district in the Indian state of West Bengal. The family has contributed a lot to the society, religion, academics and culture. From 1755, a huge complex with over a dozen temples was built in … The municipalities are: Murshidabad and Jiaganj Azimganj. The gender disparity (the difference between female and male literacy rates) was 7.66%. The municipal area is surrounded by Murshidabad town in the south, vast land of Bhagabangolla in the North and while in the east and west sides by the Rada area of Nabagram and Sagardighi. [21], Murshidabad is famous for its silk industry since the Middle Ages. [21], Murshidabad-Jiaganj II CD Block had 130 fertiliser depots, 3 seed stores and 41 fair price shops in 2013-14. The proportion of Muslims in the population of Murshidabad district in 1951 was 55.24%. It was also a holy place for Vaishnava culture in some point of time in the past. Begamganj is a very old locality in Jiaganj. [1][2], The Bagri or the eastern part of the district is a low lying alluvial plain with the shape of an isosceles triangle. From the British reign, most famous personalities came to the post of Chairman and had their greatest activity for the development of this Municipality. This conglomeration of ancient Gauda (North Bengal) and Rada area constituting this municipality was a part of Murshidabad municipality till 1896 when it was curved out as a separate municipal area. 115 villages (90.55%) have telephones (including landlines, public call offices and mobile phones). Jiaganj-Azimganj Municipality is one of the oldest municipalities in Murshidabad district. As of 2012, 272 districts across the country were listed under this scheme. On October 8, primary school teacher Prakash Pal (35), his pregnant wife Beauty Pal (28) and their son Angan (6) were killed with sharp weapons inside their house in Jiaganj-Azimganj municipality. [24][25], In 2013-14, Murshidabad-Jiaganj CD Block had offices of 7 commercial banks and 1 gramin bank. Thereafter next Sevayet (Priest) of Amaipara Kalibari, Jiaganj is Shrish Bhattacharya S/o Kailash Bhattacharya and Rampada's grand son-in-law Mahendra Nath Bhattacharya founded Lord Shiva Temple (More than 100 Years old) situated at Bhattapara. [20], In Murshidabad-Jiaganj CD Block in 2011, amongst the class of total workers, cultivators numbered 15,450 and formed 18.06%, agricultural labourers numbered 36,829 and formed 43.06%, household industry workers numbered 5,127 and formed 5.99% and other workers numbered 28,124 and formed 32.88%. Demographics India census, Jiaganj Azimganj had a population of 47,228. It had 29 family welfare subcentres. The people of different religions such as Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain and Sikh have lived here. Debipur a small neighbourhood situated on the banks of Bhāgirathi-Hooghly river,traditionally known as 'Ganga'. The Boro Govinda Bari is a place of religious interest. Azimganj was an important trade centre during the 17th / 18th Centuries and was considered by … [5] Headquarters of this CD Block is at Murshidabad. 100% villages have power supply and drinking water supply. Jiaganj (24.23°N 88.27°E) is on the east side while Azimganj (24.23°N 88.25°E) is on the west. In Bhattapara was residence of several landlords from British India. Dadabari at Kiratbagh, 6. Jiaganj and Azimganj are connected by boat service managed by local municipality on river Bhagirathi. Azimganj is situated at the west bank of river Bhagirathi. [30], In 2014, Murshidabad-Jiaganj CD Block had 2 primary health centres, 1 Government of India/ central PSU medical unit and 1 private nursing home with total 8 beds and 3 doctors (excluding private bodies). Jiaganj (24.23°N 88.27°E) is on the east side while Azimganj (24.23°N 88.25°E) is on the west. The Boro Govinda Bari is a place of religious interest. While the proportion of Muslim population in the district increased from 61.40% in 1991 to 63.67% in 2001, the proportion of Hindu population declined from 38.39% in 1991 to 35.92% in 2001. A new rail bridge is coming up over river Bhagirathi connecting Nashipur to Azimganj. Not Now. As of 2001[update] India census,[2] Jiaganj Azimganj had a population of 47,228. These two riparian settlements remind the rich history and cultural heritage of Bengal. [12], In the 2011 census, Muslims numbered 127,886 and formed 54.52% of the population in Murshidabad-Jiaganj CD Block. Jain temples There are several historic Jain temples in the city including Sri Neminath Swami, Chintamani Parasnath, Shantinath, [7] [8] Gaudi Parshwanath, Padmaprabhu, and Sanwalia Parasnath (Rambagh) temples and a dadabadi at Rambagh. It has fertile soil suitable for cultivation. [32], Community development block in West Bengal, India, List of West Bengal districts ranked by literacy rate, "District Census Handbook: Murshidabad, Series 20 Part XII A", "Types and sources of floods in Murshidabad, West Bengal", "District Statistical Handbook 2014 Murshidabad, Tables 2.1, 2.2", "Directory of District, Subdivision, Panchayat Samiti/ Block and Gram Panchayats in West Bengal", "C.D. Decadal growth for the district was 23.70 per cent. Organization. The present chairman of Jiaganj and Azimganj Municipality is Sri Prasenjit Ghosh.

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